Dionne Rivera

About Us

We provide a full spectrum of design services personalized to each client’s needs.  It is a collaborative relationship in which the client’s personality can be translated in to a functional reality, functionality being the crucial baseline.

Renovating a home or office is a very complex and sometimes tricky process to navigate.  Together we develop a design plan that assists in the actualization of your finished project.   We achieve this through rigorous planning, research, and intense organization.  We are your agent throughout the construction, watching over the smallest details.  We are there to make sure that the only surprises are good ones and to provide whatever support our clients need.  Design is a dialogue – a process of creating solutions that are constantly refined during the course of a project.

With an extensive network of resources, talented craftspeople, and hands-on knowledge our team can provide professional, imaginative design that will exceed your expectations.  We are well known for designing and sourcing original lighting, furniture, fabrics, metal work, wallpapers… We source for our clients from all over the world.

We’ve worked on a number of versatile projects around the country and abroad: from family friendly urban residences to opulent lingerie showrooms, modern corporate interiors and stunning Art Deco Apartments.

We have earned our reputation by being able to provide our clients with a well-designed, functional space that gives an overall sense of well-being, fluidity, and an environment that is refreshing, warm and comfortable, and practical.. not sterile.

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